Healthy Vegetarianism

2There are many people living in this world who do not eat meat or things produced by animal. These people do eat vegetables and fruits and maintained their good health. They are called “Vegetarians” and the phenomenon is known as “Vegetarianism”. There are different categories of Vegetarians. There are few partial vegetarians who tend to eat fish and meat but rarely. There are some pure vegetarians who do not eat any such thing at all. The philosophy of Vegetarianism was adopted for the welfare of animals. There are people who have great love and care for animal. They do not want to kill or hurt any animal for their benefit. These people avoid killing or hunting of animals and they are against it. They are running a welfare trust to protect such animals that are in the list of endanger. They wanted to protect the species of animals so our next generation can see it.

People who are Vegetarian have good health than non Vegetarian people. They are fit and active. The green vegetables are very beneficial for our body and even doctors recommend us to eat vegetables more than meat. The vegetables helps to control our cholesterol level, it help us to maintain our weight, protects from heart diseases, and etc. The vegetarians have a good health and they are stronger. The vegetables fulfill all our needs of our body. It provides every essential nutrient to our body and keeps a balance. If you will eat a lot of meat then you will get fat and will face heart problems. Meat contains fat and it will increase our weight which will create many problems for us. Our cholesterol level will also increase and we will face many different diseases.  The chances of heart problems increase by eating a lot of meat.

The vegetables will provide more protein, iodine, zinc, calcium, and vitamins to our body. When a body will get all these things in a sufficient quantity from vegetables then each and every organ of your body will perform perfectly. A person eating a lot of meat and a person eating vegetables is lot better than a person eating meat in all aspects. You can do this experiment by comparing the scientific results of both the persons. The modern science has also proved this fact by doing several tests and experiments on this matter and at last got the approved result.

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