World Wide Populations of Vegetarians (Vegetarianism)

5There are almost 6 billion people living in this world. According to population census the population of our world has reached 6 billion and its increasing day by day. People living in different parts of world practicing different religion have different culture and traditions. There are many people who are eating pure vegetarian diet and they hate to eat meat and fish. These people have become vegetarian and followed the philosophy of Vegetarianism. They do not even tolerate the smell of raw meat in their house. Mostly people are following this diet because of their religion. In India especially you will see that many people are vegetarians. Almost 50% of Vegetarians are living in India as it is the largest democracy of the world. According to census around 60 million people are vegetarians. 11.9 million People living in different parts of the world are interested to follow or adopt the phenomena of Vegetarianism. They believe that killing of animals is cruelty and against humanity. They do not want to shed the blood of animals and that’s why they prefer to eat vegetables only.

58% of people are having vegetarian diet for more than 10 years. These people have adopted Vegetarianism after changing the religion or after watching any welfare program for animals. These two are the main basic reasons for it. Doctors suggest people to eat green vegetables as it is very good for health and will keep their body perfect. They will not feel any kind if weakness and will feel fresh and energetic. Among vegetarians the ratio of females are higher than males. 59% of females are vegetarians whereas 41% of males are vegetarians.

Basically the ratio of 50% vegetarians shows that these people are taking this diet just to improve their overall health. They do not want to get sick or face any kind of problem that’s why they are eating fresh vegetables only. 30% of people have adopted this diet just to save animals. They are doing it for the sake of welfare trusts which are supporting animal causes. 10% of people are following it just to lose their weight. They are worried because of their increasing weight and they do not want to become fat. Eating healthy and fresh green vegetables is the best way to maintain your weight and health both. It is scientifically proven and experts also recommend it.

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