Best italian restaurants chains in the worlds

When it comes to food, people tend to have different preferences, but there are still cuisines that most of us will love regardless of where they have been developed. Among the most popular, there are French, Mexican and Chinese, but none of them beats Italian food. Wherever you go, you will find at least one restaurant or fast food venue serving pizza or pasta. Since these dishes are so popular, we have decided to make a list of the best Italian restaurant chains in the world, covering the United States of America, Great Britain, France and Germany.

Carraba’s Italian Grill in the USA

This chain was established by two Sicilian men after they arrived to Texas in 1986. They used the recipes they learned from their ancestors, which is probably why their grill became so popular that they soon decided to expand. Thanks to authentic recipes and great service, their chain is now the number one Italian restaurant chain in the whole of the United States.

Giovanni Rana Restaurant in the UK

Also known as the King of Tortellini, Mr. Rana has been in the pasta-making business for over 50 years. His brand of pasta is sold in 37 different countries, while Giovanni Rana restaurants are among the most popular Italian restaurants in the world. One of them is located in London, and is frequented by a lot of people, including both locals and tourists craving for Italian aromas and tastes. We cannoe forget to mention the Giovanni Rana Restaurant in NY, one of the most famous places where to eat italian food in the “Big Apple”.

Cantinella Restaurant in France

The capital of France is known for its gourmet scene, which is why so many foodies come to enjoy in many different cuisines the city has to offer. Among the most popular, there are the Italian restaurant chains, and Cantinella is one of the best known. Serving only food prepared from high quality ingredients and offering an excellent selection of wine, this small restaurant is the ideal choice for Italian food enthusiasts.

Vapiano Restaurant in Germany

Located in Germany, Vapiano restaurants are among the most popular places that you can visit in search of good Italian food. They have pizza and pasta bars that will delight you with their versatility and excellent taste.