World Wide Populations of Vegetarians (Vegetarianism)

5There are almost 6 billion people living in this world. According to population census the population of our world has reached 6 billion and its increasing day by day. People living in different parts of world practicing different religion have different culture and traditions. There are many people who are eating pure vegetarian diet and they hate to eat meat and fish. These people have become vegetarian and followed the philosophy of Vegetarianism. They do not even tolerate the smell of raw meat in their house. Mostly people are following this diet because of their religion. In India especially you will see that many people are vegetarians. Almost 50% of Vegetarians are living in India as it is the largest democracy of the world. According to census around 60 million people are vegetarians. 11.9 million People living in different parts of the world are interested to follow or adopt the phenomena of Vegetarianism. They believe that killing of animals is cruelty and against humanity. They do not want to shed the blood of animals and that’s why they prefer to eat vegetables only.

58% of people are having vegetarian diet for more than 10 years. These people have adopted Vegetarianism after changing the religion or after watching any welfare program for animals. These two are the main basic reasons for it. Doctors suggest people to eat green vegetables as it is very good for health and will keep their body perfect. They will not feel any kind if weakness and will feel fresh and energetic. Among vegetarians the ratio of females are higher than males. 59% of females are vegetarians whereas 41% of males are vegetarians.

Basically the ratio of 50% vegetarians shows that these people are taking this diet just to improve their overall health. They do not want to get sick or face any kind of problem that’s why they are eating fresh vegetables only. 30% of people have adopted this diet just to save animals. They are doing it for the sake of welfare trusts which are supporting animal causes. 10% of people are following it just to lose their weight. They are worried because of their increasing weight and they do not want to become fat. Eating healthy and fresh green vegetables is the best way to maintain your weight and health both. It is scientifically proven and experts also recommend it.

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Vegetarian Recipes and Restaurants

4Previously the reputation of Vegetarian restaurants was poor. People were not interest to eat vegetarian recipes. There were very few recipes available in the menu. Later on the restaurants introduced new recipes related to vegetables which were delicious and healthy. People started eating these recipes just for the taste and health. If the taste of your food is good then everyone will eat it. The grilled seitan sandwich, veggie pizza, tofu scramble, veggie burger, veggie wrap, and many other dishes were made by the restaurants. People who were thinking to become vegetarians immediately adopted vegetarianism. They got a lot of choices in the veggie dishes too. They can eat so many delicious dishes prepared from vegetables only no meat at all. The people were motivated and they change their diet. People who were vegetarian from the beginning got the opportunity to eat something new prepare from vegetables. The taste of the people changes and the reputation of the restaurants offering veggie foods increase in a short period of time. More and more people started their business by opening a veggie restaurant. Now there are many famous restaurants in the world which are just offering you food prepared from fresh green vegetables.

The famous hotels of the world are also keeping vegetable recipes because many customers demand for it. Now people have realized the importance of eating healthy food. They knew it will not damage their health instead it will improve it. If you will not eat vegetables then you will get weak and your body will lack from different calcium, vitamins, and nutrients. The main reason of good health of vegetarian is simple that they eat pure vegetables. It will increase the growth of their cells and the body will perform its function in a better manner.

You can see that many people are going out for dinner now days and they are ordering dishes prepared with vegetables. They knew the importance of good health. Now the social media has become very powerful you can create any kind of awareness among the people through social media. You can search for restaurants which provide green food to the people at affordable rates with great taste. You can also make a phone call and order your favorite recipe for delivery. The vegetarians are very happy and satisfied with the establishment of veggie restaurants and they do not want to spoil their health by eating unhealthy things.

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Is Vegetarianism Healthy?

3We all are familiar with the term “Vegetarianism”. The people who eat green food only and avoid eating of meat and other products of made by the killing of animals are known as Vegetarians. We can see that especially in sub continent in India the population of Vegetarians is higher than any other country. The people living in India are following Hinduism and according to the religion the hunting of animals is prohibited. You cannot hunt an animal to eat and people who are a complete and perfect follower becomes pure vegetarians. They do not even taste meat nor smell it. They hate to eat such food and will not eat till their last breathe. Now people in European countries are also following this trend not for the religious purpose but to save the species of animals. There are many species of animals which are hunted down by the people in rapid manner. The concerned authorities are taking rapid action on this matter and they are running different campaigns and creating awareness among the people. Going on Vegetarianism is also one of the methods to avoid the hunting down of animals.

Now people have a question that whether Vegetarianism is healthy or not? Yes, of course it is healthy. When you will eat green vegetables then you will feel healthy. Eating green vegetable will decrease the risk of heart diseases. The diabetes will also improve a lot and this diet is best for patient suffering from diabetics. The risk of colonic diseases will decrease because the vegetable contains a lot of fiber. People who are overweight are able to lose their weight in short period of time. There are many people who are facing weight problems because of eating fats. Over weight also helps to give birth to other new diseases in your body.

You must not allow your body weight to exceed and keep it balance. Vegetables are effective against many problems that are faced by a human body. Many people have become vegetarians and following the phenomena of Vegetarianism. There are many other who are thinking to change their diet to vegetables and they are taking interest in it. People have notice many different changes in their body because of the green diet. It is effective against many problems cause in a body of a human. It will make your body organs stronger and tougher to fight against disease.

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Healthy Vegetarianism

2There are many people living in this world who do not eat meat or things produced by animal. These people do eat vegetables and fruits and maintained their good health. They are called “Vegetarians” and the phenomenon is known as “Vegetarianism”. There are different categories of Vegetarians. There are few partial vegetarians who tend to eat fish and meat but rarely. There are some pure vegetarians who do not eat any such thing at all. The philosophy of Vegetarianism was adopted for the welfare of animals. There are people who have great love and care for animal. They do not want to kill or hurt any animal for their benefit. These people avoid killing or hunting of animals and they are against it. They are running a welfare trust to protect such animals that are in the list of endanger. They wanted to protect the species of animals so our next generation can see it.

People who are Vegetarian have good health than non Vegetarian people. They are fit and active. The green vegetables are very beneficial for our body and even doctors recommend us to eat vegetables more than meat. The vegetables helps to control our cholesterol level, it help us to maintain our weight, protects from heart diseases, and etc. The vegetarians have a good health and they are stronger. The vegetables fulfill all our needs of our body. It provides every essential nutrient to our body and keeps a balance. If you will eat a lot of meat then you will get fat and will face heart problems. Meat contains fat and it will increase our weight which will create many problems for us. Our cholesterol level will also increase and we will face many different diseases.  The chances of heart problems increase by eating a lot of meat.

The vegetables will provide more protein, iodine, zinc, calcium, and vitamins to our body. When a body will get all these things in a sufficient quantity from vegetables then each and every organ of your body will perform perfectly. A person eating a lot of meat and a person eating vegetables is lot better than a person eating meat in all aspects. You can do this experiment by comparing the scientific results of both the persons. The modern science has also proved this fact by doing several tests and experiments on this matter and at last got the approved result.

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Health Benefits of Vegetarianism and Yoga

1Vegetarianism and Yoga are interlinked with each other forever. Both Vegetarianism and Yoga plays an important role to keep a person fit and fine. If you are doing Yoga daily and taking a vegetarian diet then you will have an excellent health. There are people who are switching their diet and becoming pure vegetarians after hearing the health benefits of Vegetarianism and Yoga both. The Vegetarians are taking complete healthy products except eating of red meat, fish, or poultry. They even cannot tolerate to pass nearby the market where such products are available. People who become vegetarians just for the sake of religion think that others eating meat are cruel people. The ratio of vegetarians has increased in the past 10 years. The increase in the ratio is not because of religious matters but people wanted to save the animals. They are saving the animals by not eating them. There are few areas where hunting of animal is strictly banned. If everyone will start eating animals then the animals will become extinct gradually. Yoga helps to provide peace to your calm and you can relax your body, whereas eating a healthy diet will help to reduce the risk of falling sick.

If you want do not want to fall sick then you must maintain your routine. You must bring a change in your diet chart and do Yoga regularly. You can make a lot of delicious recipes from vegetables. These recipes are tasty and healthy. If you are eating vegetables from a long time then you can see that you will have much more stamina in all aspect than any other ordinary man have. You will not face any kind if illness for a long period of time. You will not face any problem even in your old age too. Your cells will become stronger.

You may ask a doctor that people eating vegetables mostly are more perfect than people eating meat. The vegetarians are able to eat all the nutrients because there are various kinds of vegetables rich in different vitamins, calcium, and nutrients. You can also drink the juice of vegetables as it is healthier and will also help you to control your body growth. If you think you have put on some extra weight then you must eat salads and drink vegetable juice. Your extra weight will reduce soon and you can see vegetarians have a good figure.

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